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The 3 Most Important Factors When Choosing a Place to Marry

The 3 Most Important Factors When Choosing a Place to Marry

While weddings create memorable and exciting moments, there are crucial steps that must be considered by the bride and groom when planning a reception for their wedding. One of the most significant details that must be considered is the venue.

The venue for the reception not only brings the final details to life, but it also caters to you, your family and friends on your most special day. You, therefore, need to take the time to research the options that are available to you so as to plan accordingly and save yourself a lot of effort, money and headaches.

The 3 Most Important Factors When Choosing a Place to Marry:


If your guests have to drive a long way from the ceremony to attend the reception, there is a possibility that some of them will get distracted, or find something else to do along the way. It is best to keep the dinner to between a fifteen and thirty-minute drive from the ceremony location. If you cannot get a reception hall close to the service, you should make a caravan, with the bride and groom leading it and the guests following.


Time is very similar to the distance issue. You do not want to hold the reception several hours after the ceremony has been completed as people will find other things to keep them busy and fail to show up for the dinner.

You should ensure that it starts at least an hour or two after the end of the ceremony. If you and your partner do not want to have your wedding dance at four in the evening, schedule a meet and greet mixer before the reception is held. You can serve some punch during the meet and greet which allow the guests to mingle with each other.

Family members can be encouraged to share stories of your childhood, as it is one of the few times that both sides of the families will ever be together.


All individuals like to enjoy their personal space. Given that they have been packed for about an hour at the church for the wedding ceremony, you need to find a venue that will allow them to spread out. A place that has enough space will make it possible for them to spread out and enjoy themselves without bothering the other guests.

The site owners might tell you that a venue can comfortably hold two hundred people or more, but this may not be the case. It is, therefore, important for you to visit the site before making your reservations.

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