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Tips to Choose a Gorgeous Wedding Cake

Tips to Choose a Gorgeous Wedding Cake

The wedding is a special moment for every couple because it is the beginning of a new life. So everyone wants to make sure that their big day will be remembered for ages. This is the reason couple wants everything to be perfect.
One of the most important aspects of the ceremony is a wedding cake. Most of the couples order their wedding cake months before their big day to make sure that they will get the best quality. However, some of you might be confused about the selection of the cake. So here we have a few tips that will help you make the right choice.

1-Select the best bakery
To most important rule to follow during the selection of wedding cake is that you must look for a reputable bakery. There may be many backers around you that are famous for their delicious cake. So what you have to do:
• Make a checklist of all the famous bakeries. Do not forget to ask your friends and family for recommendation
• Check the work that has been done by them and make sure to visit their old customers to know more about their taste and services
• Make sure that you know about their wedding cake experience because it is nothing like the normal cake
• Once you have found the top 2 to 3 bakeries, now it is time to compare them according to their cost and services
• It is important that you select the bakery that will meet all your requirements.

2-Take your time
It is important that you take proper time for the selection of the cake. We now that you would not like the regular white wedding cake and as the time is changing most of the brides like the dresses to go with the color scheme of the cake. Some like their cake to be a surprise and this is the reason there must be the edition of special colors and flavors in the cake that will make the guests appreciate it.
A time of three to six months is enough for the planning of wedding so make sure that you pay proper attention towards the selection of the cake as well. There is no need to rush into the decision if you want something exceptional as you never know on your next visit to the bakery you will find your ideal cake.

3-Do not forget to taste the cake
One of the common mistakes that most of the couples make during the selection of the wedding cake is that they assume the flavors. There is a wide range of flavors available in the market so stop assuming and start tasting them. It is important that you make sure to check all the flavors available but keep the base of your cake to be of the regular flavors that are:
• Vanilla
• Chocolate
• Strawberry
When you select a reputable bakery, they can easily make these regular flavors taste amazing. Stay away from the exotic flavors. As most of your guests might be unaware of these flavors and when they will be unable to recognize it. So it would be hard for them to appreciate the cake. To make sure that you play with the simple flavors.

4-Get Creative
When you have to select the design and styles for your wedding cake make sure that you get creative. The cake with the model of bride and groom on the top are old school. There are many amazing styles available in the market today. There is no need to select the regular cake designs.
You can get creative by making the bakers add a bow or something that you love as a couple. Most of the brides love to have their jewelry replicated on the cake. Apart from that, special figures are made on the wedding care or it is perfectly designed in the shape of the venue, a wedding ring or some other shape that is related to the wedding. Some of the talented bakers are even able to make the flower bouquet shape of the cake.

5-Follow the cake trends
Like the fashion, trends there are several cake trends available in the industry. All you have to do is sheath properly. Look for the types, flavors, and styles of cakes that are famous and loved by the couples. You can visit different bakers and ask their opinion about the wedding cake trends. One of the trends that are famous these days is matching the color scheme of the cake with the colors of the bridal dress.
Instead of the round or the square shapes have the oval shaped cake on your wedding. It will help you to attract your guests. As well as you can have the frosting prepared according to the colors that you like. Keep the base of the cake regular you can add as many flavors in the cake frosting, as you like.

6-Avoid the cake mistakes
The couples often make two mistakes during the selection of the cake. So we have listed them below so that you will avoid them.
1. Never wait for the last minute for the selection of the cake. As most of the couples prefer to have the customized cakes so the bakeries have calendared them already. It means that you might not get the time of the baker that you like. As well as your cake might require more time for preparation, which means that, no one will place your order.
2. Do not have extra input during the selection process. You might go crazy because of the people that will suggest different things. It is your day so visit the bakery with your mate and return home after the selection of the cake.
Selecting the best wedding cake has been made easy for you with these simple tips. You can have the cake custom made or buy it directly from the bakery. Keep it with care until the cake cutting ceremony. Make sure to have your dream cake on your big day.

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